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Uploaded Kim Jam, date: 16.06.2012

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Video description: It has been 3 years since the birth of Naiya. I'm so happy I took the leap back to Hawaii on Naiya's second birthday, and never returned to Florida. I am not actively hosting pregnant moms who want to be with the dolphins and assisting in their births. If you are feeling the inner calling, guidance, or curious, I encourage you to give me a call or view my website. It truly is magical in Hawaii and the dolphins bring such calm, peace, healing, joy, trust and fun. My phone number is 786-200-8949 dolphin hugs and thank you for watching our journey. This movie is documents my journey birthing Naiya. Birthing with the dolphins. I had never heard of it and was extremely excited to learn more. This is how Naiya wanted to be born...a natural birth story. A dolphin led natural birth journey. Naiya was born August 7, 2011 the perfect way, the way she intended. ~Kim Nelli "Naiya Journey Into Life was a great pleasure to work on and be involved with. On a shoestring budget we found ourselves capable of capturing this epic birthing story involving wild spinner dolphins. By amazing synchronicity this project flowed and fell into place every step of the way. Because of our experience with the dolphins, and the amazing contribution they made in co-directing and co-creating this film, we feel it is important to honor the dolphins and leave a version of the film on YouTube for all to see. For those of you who would like to see future projects happen in support of natural birthing, exercise, health, family, and wild dolphins, we are offering a download of this film for a small charge, that will allow us to have a greater capacity to do more projects in the future. Thank you for your love and support!" -Benjamin Cohn, Film Producer Please download the movie at

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